GITS Sawmill 8.7.7 已發行

版本 8.7.7, 發行於2015年10月13日

8.7.7 版修正項目:

[1326127] Fixed an issue with info.cfg where table_num_rows would show an incorrect number for main table after a database update was performed.
[1326764] Fixed an issue that would cause an error to occur when a Snapon that was attached during profile creation was detached.
[1328253] Reports of profiles without date/time support and applied filters show two "Clear Filters" buttons.
[1328463] Report elements with "Use overview for totals" and "Table filter expression" may cause an error.
[1328683] Email addresses containing an apostrophe or other non-alpha numeric printable ASCII characters did not pass email validation, respectively were indicated as invalid email address.
[1329342] The Manage Fields dialog window in the Report Element Editor does not open under certain circumstances such as when creating a new report element which erroneously has a duplicate aggregating field.

8.7.7 版新功能:

[1329553] Resolved the issue where the Apple OS X Gatekeeper mistakenly reports the Sawmill MacOS DMG as "damaged".
[1329592] Pre-built binaries are now available for the RedHat ES/AS 7, Debian 7 and Debian 8 operating systems.