GITS Sawmill 8.7.6 已發行

版本 8.7.6, 發行於2015年7月23日

8.7.6 版修正項目:

[1321194] A schedule with a report filter that runs at a configured time sometimes does not apply the filter to the report.
[1321466] Setting the CSV empty value to empty string "" still shows the "(empty)" value when the report field has a custom display format type for export defined.
[1322092] The info.cfg file which keeps track of previously processed log data was not properly deleted during a database rebuild, so subsequent updates can mistakenly skip files that were processed during the original build.
[1324830] Inactive report filter items in admin scheduler are displayed as active/checked although the filter has no effect.

8.7.6 版新功能:

[1319403] Allows date_time database field to have the number of bits to be configureable via the browser. It had been fixed at 16 bits, which caused this problem due to an overflow.
[1320092] Added support for TLS/SSL email connections via SMTP.
[1323486] Added support for the new OCLC EZproxy standard log format.