GITS Sawmill 8.7.4 已發行

版本 8.7.4, 發行於2014年10月28日

8.7.4 版新功能:
[1304915] Added database type info in bug reports.
[1305496] Improved placement of snapon-generated report groups in the Reports menu, so they always go above Single-page Summary and Log Detail.
[1305577] Enhanced Kerio Mailserver support to auto-detect a slight variant, and to report Subjects when present.
[1305705] Added support for AWS ELB Log Format.
[1306628] Improved the performance of large table reports sorted on a string field which uses itemnums (which is most string fields). Performance is at least 20x faster (20+ minutes to 1 minute) for a 800,000 row example table.
[1307095] Added support for a variant of Watchguard Firebox XTM log format.
[1307396] Added support for ICAP log format.

8.7.4 版修正項目:
[1305065] Profiles created with Tomcat Valve patterns give an error on report generation, 'The database field node "page_views" refers to the log field node "page_views" but this log field does not exist.' {reported against 8.7.3}
[1305547] Clicking on Customize Report Element or Export in Reports throw an error in Chrome and Safari web browser. {reported against 8.7.3}
[1305547] Customize Report Element in Reports throws an error in Chrome and Safari web browser. {reported against 8.7.3}
[1305820] There is no option to choose the source field when adding a Aggregating Field snapon with "max" as the operator. {reported against 8.7.3}
[1305821] Manually attaching the Aggregating Field snapon results in an error: Unknown variable 'volatile.new_profile_name' in expression. {reported against 8.7.3}
[1306012] When using Italian language, the Snapons page gives an error, "Unknown variable 'param1' in expression" {reported against 8.7.3}
[1306186] If a report contains a graph of the Date/time Timestamp field, it generates an error like, "Unknown variable 'lang_stats.months_short.880' in expression". {reported against 8.7.3}
[1306255] Reports with a date_time_timestamp as the main field in non-log-detail reports throw an error when displaying a graph. {reported against 8.7.3}
[1306760] If log data contains commas in its "key" field used for collect/accept parsing, an error can occur on database update, "Error occurred while reading config 'LogAnalysisInfo/Databases/{profile}/main/saved_collected_entries.cfg'" {reported against 8.7.3}
[1308041] Restructured reports editor code base to prevent the loss of all reports when saving report changes. A side effect of this changes are improved loading and saving times of reports in reports editor. {reported against 8.7.3}
[1308531] After a database has been built and then updated, if a subsequent rebuild is performed, although a new report table will show the correct new date range, the date range in the graphs and calendar of reports will use a cached date range from the last update, and may not match the table. This cached date range is now deleted during the rebuild. {reported against 8.7.3}
[1308963] Relative date filter, i.e. "last6M-show1M" shows two months instead of one. {reported against 8.7.3}
[1311887] On on a 32-bit machine, report rows are sorted incorrectly for any number over 4.2 billion. {reported against 8.7.3}
[1314847] Export Report Element in Reports throws an error in Chrome and Safari web browser. {reported against 8.7.3}
[1314848] Changing the graph type from a chronological type to a non-chronological type has no effect on the graph itself. {reported against 8.7.3}
[1314849] Internal Sawmill database directory is not deleted when deleting a profile with a MySQL or MS SQL database. {reported against 8.7.3}
[1314850] New Profile Wizard - Log source page. An invalid regular expression in the file mask shows a a language variable reference instead of the error message. {reported against 8.7.3}
[1314878] Reports Editor - Manage Fields did not show report fields with type unnormalized_string. {reported against 8.7.3}