GITS Sawmill 8.6.3 released

2013/Jul/18 - GITS Sawmill Released


New features in 8.6.3:

[1288297] Added support for Cisco eCDS log format.

[1288692] Added support for SocketLabs Hurricane MTA log format.

[1289692] Added "Bounces" and "Bounce Rate" as a standard part of the Web Server Package (affecting all plug-ins which use that package, including Apache Extended, IIS, and many others.

[1290423] Added support for DataEnter Xwall log format.

[1290844] Added support for {==} (Salang) sections in the database directory parameter, enabling, for instance, automatic creation of a new database every day.

Bugs fixed in 8.6.3:

[1288964] In Wowza analysis, for profiles created with Sawmill 8.6.2, play duration is overreported in cases where there are "unpause" events in the logs. {reported against 8.6.2} {fixed in 8.6.3}

[1289068] When attempting to delete an MS SQL profile through the web interface, along with its database, an error occurs, 'Unknown configuration group "admin_pages" in node ""'. {reported against 8.6.2} {fixed in 8.6.3}

[1289278] The new profile wizard does not show the database page in the Pro version. {reported against 8.6.2} {fixed in 8.6.3}

[1289335] Config Reports Editor - "Link to report" list is not properly updated when renaming, adding or deleting new reports in reports editor. {reported against 8.6.2} {fixed in 8.6.3}

[1289722] In some circumstances, a Flash Media Server profile (or possibly other profiles which redefine their log fields during database building) will fail to build with an "Empty node name" error. {reported against 8.6.2} {fixed in 8.6.3}

[1289735] "Link to report" did not open the report in static (generated) report files. {reported against 8.6.2} {fixed in 8.6.3}

[1289736] The reports menu was not shown in static (generated) report files. {reported against 8.6.2} {fixed in 8.6.3}

[1289900] When creating a profile using MSSQL as the database, an error can occur when entering the database name, 'The MS SQL database name must start with a Unicode letter or the characters "_", "@", "#"; followed by one or more letters, numbers or the characters "_", "@", "#", "$". Please define a different database name.' {reported against 8.6.2} {fixed in 8.6.3}

[1289956] When reporting on Chinese Windows syslog files, some characters are garbled in reports. {reported against 8.6.2} {fixed in 8.6.3}

[1290318] A Flash Media Server profile created with the duration field unchecked, has no reports. {reported against 8.6.2} {fixed in 8.6.3}

[1290495] If a SQL prefix is used, an error can occur on database update, "Unable to Execute ODBC Query='select count(*) from main_table_update'; diagnostics=ODBC error: rec1: SQLstate: S0002; msg=[Oracle][ODBC][Ora]ORA-00942: table or view does not exist" {reported against 8.6.2} {fixed in 8.6.3}

[1290731] Fixed a security issue in the update and build database page. {reported against 8.6.2} {fixed in 8.6.3}

[1291076] Profiles created from Akamai Streaming W3C logs, do not track the final field in log. {reported against 8.6.2} {fixed in 8.6.3}

[1291263] Enhanced display format type settings in report fields. Display format types can now be specified for all aggregating fields in exported reports, they can also be different from the HTML settings. {reported against 8.6.2} {fixed in 8.6.3}