SAWMILL PowerStation


SAWMILL PowerStation brings all the features of Sawmill ENTERPRISE or Sawmill Professional (by model) and adds improved scalability, extreme customization functionality, and support for MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database (optional), and Role-based Authentication Control (RBAC). SAWMILL PowerStation is intended for organizations with existing enterprise database infrastructure, a hierarchy of users needing highly granular access to Sawmill functionality, and/or a need for up-to-the-second reporting from a large log dataset being continually imported into Sawmill's database.


Designed for processing very large datasets, when run on a hi-end model.

SAWMILL PowerStation receives syslog unlimited, based on model type, SAWMILL PowerStation can keep more then 5 years raw log data if 4GB throughput per day.

SAWMILL PowerStation compress and make SHA-256 checksum reports automatically for each log files to make Non-repudiation reference

SAWMILL PowerStation processes log data faster, by splitting log parsing across many processors (or cores). This can give a nearly linear speedup sawmill when processing large logs on a PS100, PS200, PS300 or PS1000, during log import, the first stage of a database build. SAWMILL PowerStation also uses all processors and cores when running large queries. This speeds up some database building operations, for faster data import, and also speeds up some large reports. Together, these make SAWMILL PowerStation an excellent choice for anyone with a large dataset to analyze.


SAWMILL PowerStation takes database support to the highest level with the option to use a Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle database as the back-end database (optional), to store the collected data and generate reports. With PowerStation, you can use all the power, flexibility, scalability, and redundancy of an enterprise database server, with the Sawmill importer, analytics and reporting engine, and interface.

SAWMILL PowerStation also supports MySQL as the back-end database. This is useful for existing MySQL environments, where the imported data is to be queried with SQL; or where a high-end MySQL database is available for high performance, backup, clustering, and other high-end MySQL database features.

SAWMILL PowerStation also provides highly granular control over user access, through its Role-Based Authentication Control feature. Users can be given exactly the permissions they need; for instance, they may be permitted to update the database of a profile but not rebuild it; or they may be allowed to edit log filters but not add new ones. This gives you the flexibility to provide exactly the access permissions needed to each person using Sawmill: no less, and no more.

SAWMILL PowerStation also supports full editing of the source code of the web interface, for complete customization and programmability of all aspects of the user interface by authenticated vendor.


SAWMILL PowerStation is a Linux customized platform, and can be run either locally (on the 'server' being analyzed) or remotely (on any system you want, anywhere you want). When run as a remote application SAWMILL PowerStation will automatically download the target log files, process them, and either publish the reports using its integrated web server, or email the reports to wherever you need them.

SAWMILL PowerStation features include:

  • Design for security, stable and best performance tunning
  • Built-in Syslog server, include hourly rotate and compress, archive function
  • SHA-256 Checksum and report for RAW logs
  • Fully web admin interface for system menagement
  • Support for Role-based Authentication Control (RBAC)
  • Multiprocessor log import
  • Multiprocessor report generation and query processing
  • Complete customization of the web interface via Salang programming*
  • Report drill down (Zoom Filters)
  • Advanced report filters in the Reports page
  • Clickstream Web Visitor Reports
  • Email option in the Reports, for sending the current report by email
  • User Management Editor for admin and report user access
  • Log Filter Editor (Import Filters) to filter the raw log data into the database
  • Report Filter Editor (Output Filters) to filter the report being displayed without changing the database
  • Report Editor for modifying the reports and the report menu allowing creation and editing of the reports - the graphs, tables and report menu navigation
  • Integrated Sawmill Database
  • Sawmill Scheduler for automation of all analysis functions, including database pruning, emailed reports, and fast static HTML reports
  • DNS resolution for log data IP addresses
  • Geographic Location reports to the City level via GeoLite City™
  • More then 900 supported log file formats
  • Multiple log sources including Cluster / Load Balanced environments via HTTP, FTP, Local File or Command Line
  • 5, 15, 25, 50 profile license built-in each SAWMILL PowerStation model.
  • Language support for English, Chinese (Simplified, Traditional) and other supported languages
  • Support for MySQL back-end database
  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server back-end database (optional)
  • Support for Oracle back-end database (optional)

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